Slow but sure department: Army plans to have smart meters everywhere


Quick take: The Energy Policy Acts of 2005 and 2007 mandated energy metering at all federal facilities, though they left a lot of leeway on just what kind of metering. In 2008, the Army Corps of Engineers authorized a five-year contract for a meter data management system (MDMS) for the entire army -- electric, water, gas and steam.


Now the Corps is expanding to install more meters to feed data into that MDMS. To date it has installed just under 11,000, most of them electric. It still has more than 25,000 to go. - Jesse Berst


According to, the Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $50 million, five-year contract to CALIBRE of Alexandria, Va. back in 2008 to track, record and report energy consumption at service facilities. In a new solicitation posted last week, the Corps announced it is upgrading that contract for the procurement of system administration and related services for the existing Army MDMS.


Also under consideration is award of one or more contracts to consolidate or incorporate various existing database systems used to track and report energy consumption and energy conservation efforts within the Army to reduce overall system sustainment cost and eliminate need for redundant data input.

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