Silver Spring Networks takes smart grid to the classroom


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: Everyone in the industry is spouting the platitude that we have to engage consumers and educate them about the potential of the smart grid. But Silver Spring Networks is one of the few companies that is stepping up to the challenge. By spending to create and promote a smart grid curriculum, it is helping to grow the industry for all of us. - Jesse Berst

Silver Spring Networks and the non-profit Education Development Center are rolling out what they say is one of the first educational programs to focus on helping the general public understand the smart grid and its potential benefits. Two high schools in California and two in Ohio have been picked for the initial rollout of the two-unit course.


The curriculum, A Smart Energy Future, is available at no cost to educators and is intended to help teachers, students, their families and their communities understand how the smart grid can address the energy challenges faced by the country.


In one unit, students learn about the smart grid and develop materials they will use to educate others  in their community. The second unit gives students an opportunity to explore careers and create job profiles for the smart grid industry.

Photo provided by Silver Spring Networks


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