Shut 'em down! NY Gov wants more power over under-performing utilities


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: I understand sticks, but shouldn't they come with carrots too? New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to give his government a very very big stick indeed - namely, the ability to shut down utilities that don't meet his standards. First, I think that is an empty threat - no one would realistically tell a utility to shut up shop and go away, stranding its customers. Second, it would be much more effective if it came with a carrot as well. If you're going to punish utilities that don't meet your standards, you should also reward those who exceed them. - By Jesse Berst


Claiming that the current system is "skewed in favor of the utility companies," New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants his state to have an easier path to rescind the ability of poorly performing utilities to operate, according to the Buffalo News.


Cuomo is using the outrage over outages from super storm Sandy as leverage. "We want to have a situation where we truly regulate them and, to truly regulate them, I believe you have to be able to terminate the relationship. Otherwise, you have no ultimate sanction."


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