Should you be training your own hackers?


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: Our federal government is losing the cyber war - so much so that many large corporations are hiring their own "counter-hackers." They are not just trying to keep people out, they are hiring computer experts to counterattack. They want to make it costly and painful for cybercriminals to invade their networks.


With more and more proof that the American power grid is a popular target - even the Chinese army is attacking electric power infrastructure - we may be close to the day that larger electric power utilities will have to hire their own "counter-terrorists." In the 1800s, before effective public police forces, many industrial barons and large landowners had their own private security forces. We may be in a similar phase in the cyber world.


In fact, I just learned from a recent story that there are places you can send programmers to learn to be "Certified Ethical Hackers." I've reprinted a few paragraphs below, or click the link to read the full story at the Grounded blog. Or send the link to your human resources department. Maybe it will help them know where to recruit ethical hackers to help you protect your cyber systems. - By Jesse Berst


Protecting the nation's critical infrastructure is all about monitoring for explosives and other physical threats - but today's attacks are sometimes purely digital.


That's why 20 West Virginia National Guardsmen are on the University of Charleston's Kanawha City campus this week to become Certified Ethical Hackers. The United States Department of Defense requires the certificate for information assurance positions.


Last year, UC introduced the Golden Eagle Scholarship, which, along with federal and state aid, allows West Virginia Army Guardsmen to attend the school tuition-free and Air Guard members at a very low cost.


One student undergoing the training today was Cpt. Tad Haddox. He's taken numerous computer science and computer sectary and is looking to elevate those skills with the hands on class.

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