SGN reader picks: the 12 most-clicked stories of 2012 so far


By Liz Enbysk

SGN Managing Editor


We thought we'd use the occasion of the half-year mark to take a look at what stories SGN readers have clicked on the most so far in 2012. There were some interesting results  - as you'll see when you look at the top 12 stories that appear below and on page 2.


And just a note: The Smart Grid Companies to Watch competition we run at the start of the year involves multiple stories that generate huge numbers of clicks, so we omitted them from this list (but in case you're interested you can see this year's winners here).


So here we go, starting from the bottom...


12. CPUC agrees to PG&E smart meter opt-out plan - angry meter opponents don't

11. Smart grid show-and-tell: 7 projects that say 'look at me'

10. Smart metering - the good, the bad, the ugly

9.  Smart grid vision alert! DOE wants to make course corrections

8.  GE smart grid solutions underline the growing move to cloud computing

7.  When not whether: 5 unstoppable smart grid trends

6.  Move over ABB, GE, Schneider, Siemens. Eaton acquisition creates a fifth giant

5.  Itron acquisition of SmartSynch signals next era of competition in smart grid communications

4.  FBI says smart meter hacks on the rise (and all you need is a magnet?)

3.  Reports of my demise department: Cisco doubles down on smart grid

2.  New Cisco smart grid plan merits careful study by utilities and by Cisco rivals

1.  What is the smart grid?


The No. 1 story was written several years ago and briefly updated earlier this year. It's a reminder that while our newsletter subscribers tend to be utility professionals and other smart grid stakeholders, the power of Google sends a lot of people to our site who want to learn more about the smart grid, which our Smart Grid 101 channel helps with.