Senate Energy Chairman wants to take smart grid to the next level


By: SGN Staff


By Jesse Berst


Quick Take: I am so encouraged by the news below that Senator Ron Wyden is taking up the smart grid cause. Not that I think the federal government should be financing the smart grid. But at least it can point in the right direction, provide a few incentives, and get itself out of the way. Just the fact that a key senator is talking about the smart grid as one of the country's top issues is helpful. But do you agree that the consumer is the key? Please use the Talk Back form below to let us know what you think.


Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairman Ron Wyden, D-Oregon,  told attendees at the Edison Foundation's Powering the People conference that he is doing everything he can to help the U.S. get a smart electric grid. Here are a few of his plans, as reported by the Governors' Wind Energy Coalition:

  • Oversight hearings with grid-related federal agencies to ensure they are doing everything they can to facilitate modernization
  • Tax reform to remove oil and nuclear subsidies to achieve "neutrality and parity" for all energy technologies
  • Ask the Department of Energy to provide utilities with more data about the results of the stimulus-funded projects

"The Recovery Act certainly helped and promoted some innovation," he said. "The question is now can we mobilize and make sure that the private sector, utilities, regulators, financial community and all those that helped us get us to where we are today reach the next level?”