Scotland could boast world's largest offshore wind farm


By: SGN Staff


There are some 'ifs' involved, but a company has submitted a proposal for what would be the world's biggest offshore wind farm. The 339-turbine wind farm, which would provide enough power for 40% of Scottish households, would be located more than 12 miles off Scotland's northern coast.


According to The Guardian, the renewable industry praised the project, but also cautioned that new deep water wind farms may only become a reality if the government provides policy stability by approving its proposed energy bill.


The 1.5 gigawatt project is in development by Moray Offshore Renewables, a joint venture with Spanish oil company Repsol and a division of Portuguese power group EDP. If the wind farm is approved, work would begin in 2015 and would be in operation in 2018.


The roughly $7 billion project off Caithness would be larger than the massive London Array off Kent which is scheduled for completion by the end of this year.


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