Schneider integration of Telvent signals another major competitor for all things distribution


By Jesse Berst


We've been saying for a while that distribution automation and distribution management will be coming to the fore as smart metering plateaus. Perfect timing for Schneider Electric, which has now completed its year-long integration with Telvent and is poised to make a play.


Most of Schneider's competitors -- Siemens, Alstom, ABB, GE-- have deep experience in high voltage and are migrating concepts to the medium-voltage distribution arena. Schneider, by contrast, has been the king of low-voltage. It is (in my view at least) the world's leading provider of gear that goes "behind the meter." With more and more utilities trying to reach beyond the meter -- load control, demand response, autoDR -- Schneider could have an interesting differentiator. That presumes that its integration is more than just redrawing the org charts. If it has its technical teams talking and collaborating, it has an opportunity to become a leader in "grid-ready" gear for commercial and industrial clients and "customer-ready" gear for utilities.

As of December 1, 2012, Telvent is now officially known as Schneider Electric, concluding a year-long brand integration process after Schneider Electric acquired Telvent in 2011. The integration of Telvent’s industry leading weather forecasting and smart grid control systems with Schneider Electric’s critical infrastructure expertise launches the company into a unique class - providing solutions for the future to utilities unmatched in the current market.

What can you expect from the integration of Telvent and Schneider Electric?

  • In an industry first, the inclusion of advanced, real-time weather forecasting information into its suite of smart grid solutions
  • Industry-leading Advanced DMS (ADMS) technology from Telvent, the future of smart grid management and control, combined with the infrastructure, resources and expertise of Schneider Electric
  • Telvent’s GIS solutions integrate with Schneider Electric’s infrastructure design and construction expertise

The completion of this brand integration gives Schneider Electric the ability to provide end-to-end solutions for low- and medium-voltage users, giving utilities a unique, single-vendor option to meet the challenges and capture the opportunities in the future of the energy industry.

  • Demand management creating a more sustainable world: As utilities and countries battle an increasing demand for energy with limited supply, efficient demand management and response is the critical issue for the future of energy delivery. Schneider Electric is combining its global expertise in control and automation hardware with Telvent’s industry leading ADMS system to create a smarter electrical grid that allows utilities and consumers to maximize peak demand management. These systems, supported by the independently top-ranked weather forecasting solution on the market, also maximize the use of renewable energy sources to help utilities meet growing energy demands and renewable portfolio standards while mitigating the need for additional power generation development.
  • Maximizing renewable energy integration: Utilities looking to capitalize on the growing renewable energy market can turn to one source for industry leading control hardware, ADMS control and automation systems, and the only company with localized, real-time weather forecasting and analysis systems critical to robust renewable integration. Renewable energy production becomes easier with accurate solar and wind power forecasts to help utilities with generation decisions. Safety also takes a front seat with Schneider Electric’s solutions, with sixty percent of North American wind farms depending on the accuracy of Telvent’s lightning safety information. Telvent and Schneider Electric are also leaders in the design, construction and control of renewable energy plants.
  • Reliable power delivery: The demand for grid reliability is growing as more developing nations modernize electrical grids and developed nations increase focus on grid security. The combined resources and expertise of Telvent and Schneider Electric provide utilities with all the most advanced solutions to prevent grid failure and expedite the restoration of service. The most accurate weather forecasting solutions to prepare for severe weather events, which have the single biggest impact on the grid, as well as load forecasting, outage management and maintenance crew scheduling. Industry-leading ADMS control software combines DMS, SCADA and OMS to give utilities seamless automated switching capabilities, which helps in quickly responding to outages and restoring power.