SCE spurring growth of California Green Communities


In 2009, Southern California Edison (SCE) helped launch a community-based challenge encouraging cities to adopt innovative, individually-designed and tailored environmental practices with the goal of a sustainable future through activities like adopting more energy-efficient technologies for facilities. Today, some major players are throwing their support behind this push for a green economy.

Currently, the focus of the California Green Communities (CGC) program is on helping Southern California cities achieve their goals for a sustainable future but the added support of companies like Toyota and Radisson Hotels could spur the rollout of a similar program across the country, according to Hal Conklin, chair of the USA Green Communities Board of Directors.

SCE provides advanced incentives for energy-efficiency measures to cities that participate in SCE's Energy Leader Partnership program and has recognized a number of agencies for their "green" efforts. For example, Santa Clarita and Simi Valley are using smart irrigation technology to save water and energy. The smart irrigation technology acts like a thermostat for irrigation systems by responding to weather and moisture content in the soil and then adjusting the amount of water provided, reducing water use by 20 percent, as well as saving energy costs related to pumping water.

CGC provides best practices guidelines, with suggestions for local action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, undertake standalone programs, or a broad-based climate action plan that utilities could stand to benefit from. For example, the CGC recommends that facilities utilize photovoltaic or other renewable energy and enter into power purchasing agreements to meet at least 10 to 25 percent of their building's energy requirements from renewables.

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