SCE demo moving smart grid to customers


Southern California Edison (SCE) is demonstrating smart grid solutions in real world applications.

From automation and communications in the substation and across power lines to smart meters, smart appliances, rooftop solar and plug-in electric vehicles in homes, the demonstration will put the smart grid through its paces California.

The Irvine Smart Grid Demonstration Project, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, will launch on June 30, 2013.

"We're moving the smart grid discussion from engineering and concepts on the drawing boards to our customers," said Doug Kim, director of advanced technology at SCE. "Consumers who have been hearing about a smarter electric grid will now experience it firsthand. With increased insight, more options and greater control over their energy usage, consumers in this demonstration project will help us engineer a better energy future."

According to Kim, the changes will be apparent to consumers at points of energy use, with the most significant grid upgrades taking place behind the scenes. The demonstration project is intended, in part, to help SCE and GE the opportunity to evaluate and fine-tune the software, communications, automation, hardware and network management tools of the advanced energy infrastructure.

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