S&C Electric: Smart grid as a smart city foundation


By: SGN Staff


Michael Edmonds is a smooth and articulate spokesman for S&C Electric, the Chicago-based provider of electric power equipment and services for utilities.


The British accent certainly doesn't hurt, but he can also lean on many years in the sector in senior positions. In the 90s, he ran a firm called Power Technology Incorporated that was eventually purchased by Siemens. For the next three years he ran Siemens' energy management business (in simplified terms, the software in the control centers of electric power transmission and distribution networks).


Michael left school at 16 to join the UK Navy, and then eventually returned to college for a degree in electrical engineering. He started out designing ships and submarines and oil platforms before making his way into the electric power industry.


Although Michael cites Sydney and Brisbane as his favorite cities to visit, he says he's come to love Chicago as a place to live. He resides downtown and when the weekend comes, "I don't need to drive unless I want to -- it's all right here and there's always something going on." He does admit that when he retires, it's likely to be "someplace a bit warmer like Miami."