Sandy victim: Smart grid sure worked for me


A familiar scene for PPL Electric Utilities crews in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.



A residential PPL customer posted a note to tell us that for him, real time tracking and online reporting via texts and the utility's website, all enabled by smart meters, made all the difference in Hurricane Sandy.


"I could not only check on repair status for my own home (with crew on site info and estimated time to repair), I could also remotely online check the status of our two rental houses without having to physically drive to each to check them out. This capability alone is a huge plus for consumers."


His comment got us to thinking that maybe other victims from the front lines of the super storm might have similar tales to tell about how the smart grid made a difference where you live - or maybe you'd like to give a shout out to utility crews you saw go above and beyond.  The Talk Back form below is the perfect place to start.


We wrote earlier this week about why Sandy makes the smart grid more important than ever, Since then we've seen some other compelling commentary on that issue:


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Now it's your turn. Use the Talk Back comment form to share your Sandy stories.

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