Sandy fallout: Utility exec resigns, NY governor demands answers, lawsuit filed


Long Island Power Authority, which at one point had 1.1 million customers without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, said Wednesday it is close to restoring power to the last 8,000 homes and businesses that can receive power - more than two weeks after the hurricane ravaged the East Coast leaving more than 8 million customers in 21 states in the dark.


But there remain some 38,000 customers in the areas of Long Island that flooded whose homes and businesses need to be checked and/or repaired before they can have their service restored. Consolidated Edison and New Jersey Central Power and Light also have thousands of customers in a similar predicament, according to CNBC.


And the fallout over slow service restoration, not just by LIPA, has resulted in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo creating a commission with subpoena powers to investigate how the state's utilities prepared for and reacted to Sandy and other recent storms.