Sandia seeks to improve national security, nuclear safety


Sandia National Laboratories has signed cooperative research and development agreements with GE and Northrop Grumman, which could add significantly to the Labs' energy and nuclear security research.

The Northrop Grumman agreement covers potential research categories would include energy, climate and infrastructure security; international, homeland and nuclear security; and advanced manufacturing and technology maturation. The agreement includes evaluating energy and climate factors domestically and abroad. The primary goal is to improve national security.

The GE agreement says that Sandia and GE will "cooperatively engage in analytical studies, research and development of a diverse set of energy-related topics with a goal of accelerating the understanding and development of new energy systems required to transition away from a hydrocarbon-based economy to carbon-neutral energy sources."

The Labs' goal is to ensure a secure and sustainable energy supply, safe and resilient delivery infrastructure and clean and efficient use of energy resources.

Sandia and GE as partners can leverage the Labs' expertise in systems-based science and engineering with GE's skill in energy systems to accelerate understanding and development of new energy systems.

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