Revisiting the 10 top home energy trends for 2013



Roughly a year ago, home energy expert Louis Szablya contributed his predictions for the 10 most important home energy developments for 2013. Now that the year is over, we convinced him to stop by again and give himself a report card. I think you'll find his comments helpful not just to understand the year that just closed, but also to predict what 2014 will bring. - Jesse Berst


By Louis Szablya


This is probably a really bad idea, but I am taking the risk to revisit how I did in predicting home energy trends in December 2012 in Smart Grid News.


I said that 2013 was poised to be a breakthrough year for residential demand response (RDR).  Was it?  Well I have to leave that up to you to assess, but a number of items were positive.  We saw increased interest by consumers in smart home technologies that increased awareness of in home monitoring, including energy.  What's more, OG&E’s program was identified as the largest smart grid program in the world, and RDR is a key element of that program. 


So I'll give myself a passing grade on that one. Below are the 10 predictions, in the same order as last year with my assessment of how I did:

·         Bold means I nailed it

·         Italics means I missed it

·         Plain text means it is too close to call