Research supports large scale energy storage


Power disturbances are a major cost for utilities. Power grid stabilization is a primary concern among utilities, as they balance supply and demand and cope with issues such as voltage regulation, frequency regulation, peak management and renewable power integration.

A new large-scale energy storage solution, a turnkey megawatt hour scale energy management system, from EnerSys could help utilities address these issues.

Utilities and industrial users are increasingly discovering that large energy storage systems are effective tools for power grid stabilization, and some research supports this. According to the Electricity Storage Association, electric utilities are among the largest owners and users of electrochemical battery systems. Frost and Sullivan predicts that electric energy storage technologies will be an inseparable part of smart grids and distributed energy generating systems in the future.

Large-scale energy storage is nothing if not necessary. It is estimated that the U.S. economy is losing between $119 billion and $188 billion annually from power outages and power quality issues.

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