Research: 2013 cyberattacks more intense than last year


As cyberattacks continue to evolve and increase in intensity, the preparation and response of utilities must be equally aggressive.

New research from WatchGuard reveals an uptick in emerging cyber threats and an increased focus by governments to fight back through legislation. While the security industry is predicted to focus on "strike back" measures, WatchGuard predicts these actions will be ineffective and ultimately unviable for most organizations.

"2012 was an eye-opening year in cyber security as we saw the number of new and more sophisticated vulnerabilities rise, impacting individuals, businesses and governments," said WatchGuard Director of Security Strategy Corey Nachreiner, a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). "This is a year where the security stakes reach new heights, attacks become more frequent and unfortunately more damaging as many organizations suffer attacks before taking measures to protect themselves from the bad guys."

Although 2012 was a difficult year for new cybersecurity legislation, WatchGuard predicts that the U.S. government will pass at least one cybersecurity act in 2013, giving the president and various government agencies some control over what happens in the event of cyber-attack on U.S. infrastructure.

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