RESA calls for more energy market transparency


The New York competitive energy market could soon see greater reforms that will create best practices surrounding the sale of electricity and natural gas in the retail market.

The Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA) has proposed these reforms before the New York Public Service Commission, including a web-based price-comparison calculator properly developed and implemented to distinguish between such products and services as fixed-price offerings and "green" energy.

Further, RESA recommends registration and bonding requirements for third-party marketing vendors under Uniform Business Practices requirements rather than prohibiting certain marketing approaches.

"The Commission has made substantial progress over the past 15 years in empowering consumers to choose from a wide variety of competitive energy offers and the level of competition for customers both large and small is robust," Christopher Wentlent , RESA's New York state chair said. "We are at a critical stage where enhanced market transparency and consumer comparison tools will further motivate consumer choice. We believe our recommendations will assist in meeting these objectives."

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