Report points to a big to-do list: 124 countries need a new energy architecture


Quick take: Smart grid sales will have their ups and downs, but this report from the World Economic Forum reveals that there are strong underlying drivers that will keep the sector busy for at least the next two decades. - Jesse Berst


Some startling numbers surfaced in a new report on the energy systems of 124 countries just released by the World Economic Forum. Among them: $38 trillion (U.S. dollars) of global investment in energy supply infrastructure is required by 2035 to keep up with an added 40% rising energy consumption in the same time span.


New Energy Architecture: Enabling an Effective Transition - produced in collaboration with Accenture - reports that the energy systems of 124 countries are currently not ready for a transition to a sustainable and secure energy architecture required to harness economic growth. In fact, the report suggests that while a number of developing nations continue to struggle to supply citizens with basic energy needs, an estimated 1.3 billion people worldwide are still without access to electricity at all.

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