Report helps utility execs wade through energy management options


By: SGN Staff


A new report to help utility executives select the right solutions for their enterprise smart grid initiatives has been released by Groom Energy Solutions. While the guide ranks what Groom sees as the top 10 enterprise smart grid vendors, it also offers a framework to help utilities assess their needs and match them with the ever-growing number of emerging products.


Enterprise smart grid, the integration of submetering, hardware and software, is a lively market these days. According to Groom's research findings, it is a $5.2 billion market in the U.S. with a 40% annual growth rate. While that means there is a wealth of energy management software versions to choose from, the multitude of selections also causes confusion for buyers.


Groom interviewed 65 corporate energy, facility and sustainability managers and vendors to develop its enterprise smart grid framework. The framework reflects the associated business problems mentioned by corporate energy managers, by outlining 11 distinct areas and categorizing vendor solutions in a way intended to help companies develop their energy management plans.