Renewables provided all new U.S. power generation in January


By: SGN Staff


Renewable energy from wind, solar, geothermal and biomass facilities accounted for all new U.S. power generation capacity in the U.S.  in January, according to FERC's monthly Energy Infrastructure Update from its Office of Energy Projects.


As of that time, wind led renewables in the country's total power generation capacity at 5.17%, followed by biomass at 1.29%, solar at .38%, and geothermal at .32%. Add water at 8.5% and renewables provided 15.66% of the total energy capacity in January. The increase came from 28 new renewable projects and expansions of existing ones.


While not a staggering jump over 14.26% in January 2012 and 13.82% in January 2011, last month's numbers represent of 1,231 MW of total installed capacity, a hefty increase over the 431 MW reported for January 2012.


In comparison, natural gas provided 42.37%, coal provided 29.04% followed by nuclear at 9.23% and oil at 3.54% in January 2013 - a little more than 80% of total power generation.


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