Renewables capacity triples in 2012


In January 2013, a combination of wind, solar and biomass provided 1,231 MW of online electrical generating capacity in the U.S., according to the latest Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Office of Energy Projects Energy Infrastructure Update report.

This is almost a three-fold increase in new renewable energy generating capacity compared to January 2012 when combined wind, solar, and biomass provided just 431 MW of new capacity.

In January 2013, wind accounted for the largest share of new U.S. capacity capacity with 958 MW; solar followed with 267 MW; and biomass provided 6 MW. It is predicted that, in 2013, solar capacity additions surpass wind.

Currently, renewable energy resources account for 15.66 percent of total operating capacity in the United States. Water contributes the most resources at 8.5 percent; wind is next at 5.17 percent; biomass provides 1.29 percent; and solar and geothermal provide .38 percent and .32 percent, respectively.

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