PPA allows Pacific Gas and Electric to control solar power plant dispatch


The California Public Utilities Commission has unanimously approved a large-scale solar project from SolarReserve.

The Rice Solar Energy Project will be the first in California with energy storage, utilizing the world's most advanced solar thermal technology to provide reliable electricity, day and night. The power from the 150 MW solar project will be sold to Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) under an amended 25-year power purchase agreement (PPA).

In its decision, the Commission sited the need for reliable, renewable energy resources such as SolarReserve's U.S.-developed solar energy storage technology in order to enhance grid stability as well as to facilitate the integration of intermittent renewable energy resources such as wind, photovoltaics and direct steam solar thermal.

Although the ability to store energy was a key factor in the approval of the Rice solar project, the Commissioners concluded that, "this project will have a very minimal local environmental impact because it's dry-cooled and sited on disturbed land. The PPA allows PG&E to largely control dispatch of the plant, so that PG&E can maximize the value of the plant's output."

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