Pennsylvania PUC votes in favor of utility energy efficiency


The Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) has voted unanimously to deny requests by PECO and FirstEnergy to decrease their investments in energy-efficiency programs.

The Energy Savings Law, which has been in effect for three years, creates utility programs to eliminate waste and reduce energy use for approximately $278 million in savings annually, and a reduction in state electric load of 3,535 gigawatt hours.

"[This law] would have withered on the vine if the two energy giants opposing us -- PECO and FirstEnergy -- had gotten their way," said George Jugovic Jr., president and CEO of PennFuture.  "They wanted to stamp out the new round of energy savings goals set by the Public Utility Commission, but…energy savings [will] be preserved for electric consumers."

Increased energy efficiency means lower bills for customers and more electricity for the grid securing more reliable electric service.

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