Part 2: Cellular's momentum and the value of integration



In the early days of the smart grid, most pioneers used purpose-built RF mesh networks for smart metering and distribution automation. In the past two years, however, cellular technology has emerged as a viable option.

But when does cellular really make sense... and when does it not? That's the topic of SGN's March 14, 2013 webinar with these experts from Qualcomm and SAIC:

 Â·    Jason Ellis, Staff Manager, Business Development, Qualcomm

·         Sunvir Gujral, Product Manager, Qualcomm

·         Jeff Norman, VP Emerging Technologies, SAIC

This second segment features Jason Ellis and Sunvir Gujral of Qualcomm discussing some of the advances in cellular technologies, as well as chip-on-board design, how integration optimizes total system cost and energy use cases.





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