PA Consulting names most reliable utility


PA Consulting has awarded Public Service Electric and Gas (PSE&G) the 2011 National Reliability Excellence Award for "demonstrating sustained leadership, innovation and achievement in the area of electric reliability."

The award is given to the utility that demonstrates the most improved and sustained performance over time, as well as accuracy in predicting its capabilities and communicating with customers and regulators.

PSE&G electric customers experience far fewer and shorter interruptions than those who live elsewhere in the country. When there are power outages -- often the result of tree and animal contacts or storm damage -- customers and community leaders are kept updated on repair and restoration plans.

"The key is to never get complacent. We are continually looking for ways to improve and enhance our reliability," said PSE&G president and COO Ralph LaRossa.

PSE&G does that by investing in its electric transmission and distribution systems.

"Upgrading our infrastructure, coupled with our highly-skilled workforce, allows us to continually deliver on a blue sky day or during history-making storms such as those we have been experiencing in the past two years," LaRossa said. "Storms such as Hurricane Irene and the more recent superstorm Sandy have challenged our people and systems like never before."

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