OnStar smartphone apps address customer's top EV concerns


OnStar has unveiled two new smartphone apps for electric vehicle owners -- the Spark EV Waypoint Tab and Park-Tap-Charge Prototype App.

Electric Vehicle by Petr Kratochvil

The applications will help EV owners manage and control their vehicles right from their phones. As GM expands its EV line-up next year with the 2014 Chevy Spark, these two apps will address two major issues of concern for EV drivers: The duration and range of trips for EVs and the cost of public charging.

The Spark EV Waypoint Tab app allows EV owners to calculate whether a destination is within the range of a single charge. The app will be integrated into the RemoteLink app to quickly determine that answer and plot a route with recommended charging stations along the way. The app works by collecting information on the user's trip distance and remaining battery life to calculate whether the destination is within the range of a single charge.

The Park-Tap-Charge Prototype app allows EV owners to simply tap their smartphone against a charging station to automatically show payment options that, once accepted, will initiate the flow of electricity. The app will also show the hourly rate of charging, the estimated time for a full charge and the estimated cost of a full charge, prior to accepting a payment option.

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