Ohio governor puts renewable energy and efficiency requirements on hold



Ohio Governor John Kasich (R) signed a bill last week that freezes the state’s renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements for two years. The state is apparently the first to roll back such requirements.


The Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS) was passed in 2008 and required the state’s utilities to reach a 12.5% renewable energy target and cut power use 22% through energy efficiency measures by 2025. According to the Washington Post, the bill signed by Kasich puts a temporary stop to those requirements. As a result, levels will remain as they are now until 2017.


Arguments for and against temporarily freezing the standards have been heated and polarizing. The Post quoted American Electric Power spokeswoman Tammy Ridout as saying "We continue to support renewable energy. But a lot has changed in Ohio since those requirements were put in place in 2008, so we think it makes sense to freeze the current mandates while the state takes the time to evaluate what should be done.”


Advocates for the standards hoped Kasich, who has previously praised the renewable energy industry, would veto the bill. The Environmental Defense Fund said the AEPS requirements were responsible for creating 25,000 jobs and saving Ohio utility customers $1 billion with energy efficiency measures.


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