OG&E picks Energate's smart thermostats for next smart grid deployment step


By: SGN Staff


Residential demand response and home energy management solutions provider Energate will supply its smart thermostats through partner Silver Spring Networks to 40,000 homes in Oklahoma Gas & Electric's (OG&E) service area as part of the utilities' efforts to achieve its goals of a 70 megawatt peak reduction in 2012 and increased customer adoption.


In an OG&E and Energate pilot project completed earlier this year, residential customers were able to realize a peak reduction in their power consumption of 1.92 kilowatts per home, representing an average maximum of 50%, well over the goal of 1.3 kilowatts.


"OG&E has set significant 2012 goals for both peak demand reduction as well as consumer adoption, reducing the need for new power plants," said Mike Farrell, OG&E customer programs director. "Energate has proven its performance and reliability as a partner over the last two years."


Energate's in-home technologies enable customers to easily program their usage preferences based on peak pricing signals sent from utilities. OG&E's expansion over the next year will include the installation of Energate's Pioneer Smart Thermostats and accessories in customers' homes.


"We are very pleased that OG&E selected our proven technology for this step toward full deployment. Market validation like this confirms Energate's belief that the home energy management industry must deliver consumer products that work safely and consistently, are easy to use and are integrated with the utility's operations," said Energate co-founder and CEO Niraj Bhargava.


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