Occupy SCE? Solar protesters march on company headquarters


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: As you will read in the release below, a hodgepodge coalition of environmental and community groups announced a protest to be held Wednesday at Southern California Edison headquarters. They accuse SCE of "attacking rooftop solar."


Of course, it's not like that at all. As I've mentioned before, the issue is to stop subsidizing mostly wealthy  home and business owners who can afford rooftop solar. What’s more, I’ve acknowledged that the solar market is accelerating quickly and that utilities had better get ready for it sooner rather than later. But as in so many debates in today's America, many groups feel compelled to dress their opponents in Dr. Evil suits rather than attempting a balanced dialog.


Here's the odd thing about the coalition - it contains some community groups that often stand up for low-income families. Yet rooftop solar is almost entirely the province of well-off homeowners, not low-income apartment dwellers. And rooftop solar is partially subsidized by the rest of the customer base.


This protest is quite a break from tradition because previous actions against SCE have typically focused on the location of high-voltage transmission lines.


And so we have the odd situation of groups who have previously accused utilities of being unfair to low-income families now complaining that a utility is unfair to the rich. That lower-income families should be paying more of the freight for the affluent few who can afford rooftop solar. Politics makes strange bedfellows. - By Jesse Berst


Local Groups to Stage Rally at Edison Headquarters Protesting Utility Lobby’s Attacks on Rooftop Solar

Protest comes on heels of SoCal Edison demanding removal of video exposing utility lobby’s efforts to squelch growth of solar panel initiatives

LOS ANGELES, CA - A coalition of Latino groups, clean energy supporters, environmentalists, and health advocates will rally outside Southern California Edison’s headquarters in Rosemead. The rally will protest the big utility’s attacks on California families that go solar. The protest comes on the heels of the www.SaveRooftopSolar.com online petition recently launched featuring a video that Southern California Edison is demanding to be removed from YouTube.

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