NYISO smart grid to relay conditions 360 times faster


The Department of Energy has provided the New York Independent System Operator $75 million for a statewide smart grid initiative, and more project details are now being released.

The smart grid initiative will improve the efficiency of New York's bulk grid, which consists of hundreds of generating units and thousands of miles of high-voltage transmission lines. Completion of the smart grid projects will allow the NYISO to better fulfill its core mission of maintaining reliability of the state's bulk power system and operating economically efficient wholesale markets.

The smart grid technology being implemented as part of this grant will modernize the electric grid by adding 39 phasor measurement units, or PMUs, for measuring and reporting system conditions and providing enhanced voltage stability through the installation of capacitor banks in key areas. The PMUs will provide the data needed to improve the detection of irregularities, predict problems and take corrective action. Eventually, the NYISO PMU network will connect with PMU networks in New England, the mid-Atlantic, the Midwest and Ontario to create broader situational awareness of grid conditions throughout the eastern United States and Canada.

Capacitor banks are being installed at 234 statewide locations to improve the efficiency of the bulk transmission system by reducing the amount of electricity that is lost when carried over long distances.

The technology will relay system conditions at a rate of 60 times per second -- 360 times faster than previously.

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