NYC Mayor Bloomberg may target inefficient buildings next


By Jesse Berst


New York Mayor Bloomberg is fresh off his campaigns to make New Yorkers drink less soda and to encourage mothers to breast feed. His next intervention may be to "encourage" New York building owners to make their buildings more efficient.


According to the New York Times, a new report from the city's Office of Long-Term Planning and Sustainability revealed that some large buildings use 500% more energy than comparable buildings. If Bloomberg can get those poor performers to achieve even average efficiency, it will go a huge way to meeting his greenhouse emissions goals.


Good luck. Neither soda drinkers nor new mothers had enough lobbying power to forestall the mayor's plans. But, so far at least, intense opposition from building owners has staved off new laws requiring upgrades. The mayor's next gambit is to assign and publicize efficiency scores for buildings. If he can't legislate owners into upgrading, maybe he can shame them into doing what he wants.