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Smart grid projects


Midwest ISO Synchrophasor Deployment Project


The Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator (Midwest ISO) is deploying synchrophasor technology throughout its service footprint, which includes North Dakota. Midwest ISO’s primary objective is to use the technology to optimize the dispatch and operation of power plants while improving the reliability of the bulk transmission system. This project deploys phasor measurement units (PMUs), phasor data concentrators, and advanced transmission software applications. This technology increases the visibility of grid operators’ bulk power system conditions in near real time, enables earlier detection of conditions that could result in grid instability or outages, and facilitate information sharing with neighboring regional control areas. Access to better system operating information allows Midwest ISO engineers to improve power system models and analytical techniques, improving the overall reliability and operating efficiency of the Midwest ISO system. Get details >>


Energy news and trends


Fracking will enable North Dakota to overtake California as a major oil producer


Even in these difficult economic times, North Dakota has low unemployment and above average GDP per capita. One of the biggest reasons for this is the oil boom occurring in the state. In 2006, North Dakota ranked ninth among the states in oil production, but by 2010 it had shot up to fourth. By the second half of next year it might pass California and become the third largest oil producer.  With the economy sputtering, we should look to North Dakota’s example to understand why they have weathered these economic storms so well. Read more from the Institute for Energy Research >>

Feds want utility project costs to be shared

A vote last week by federal energy regulators clears a path for utility customers throughout the Midwest to pick up the $5 billion cost for 17 major power line projects across the region. That means Wisconsin ratepayers won't be paying as much for three new high-voltage power lines that American Transmission Co. has on the drawing board. But they will be asked to pay for 14 other big power lines proposed from North Dakota to Indiana. Read more from the Journal Sentinel >>

Prospects for tribal renewable projects are dimming

Among those paying close attention to the collapse of the Solyndra solar cell manufacturer, once a poster child of renewable-energy development for the Obama administration, were the energy advocates who have long pushed for increased federal investment in tribal programs similar to those that funded the failed firm. Read more from Indian Country >>

North Dakota: The least energy efficient state in America

North Dakota is the worst again, leading a group of states which are heavily invested in coal mining and oil drilling industries. The states that ended up last on this year's Energy Efficiency Scorecard shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Read more from Business Insider >>

ND wind power set for big expansion

North Dakota's wind energy capacity will likely grow by more than a third in 2012, energy capacity will likely grow by more than a third in 2012, driven by renewable energy standards and the uncertain future of a federal incentive. Read more from The Bismarck Tribune >>


Web resources


Office of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency  

Economic Enhancement Program

North Dakota Public Service Commission

North Dakota Alliance for Renewable Energy

North Dakota Wind Energy


State energy contacts


Office of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency
North Dakota Department of Commerce
P.O. Box 2057
1600 East Century Avenue, Suite 2
Bismarck, ND 58502-2057

Phone: 701.328.5300
Fax: 701.328.2308

Paul T. Govig
701.328.4499 fax: 701.328.2308

Jeff Rotenberger
Energy Program Manager
701.328.4137 fax: 701.328.2308

Andrea Holl Pfennig
Energy Outreach & Special Programs Administrator
701.328.2687 fax: 701.328.2308

Zachary Weis
State Energy Engineer
701.328.1022 fax: 701.328.2308




Private Companies

MDU Resources Group Inc

Northern States Power Company

Otter Tail Power Co


Cass County Electric Coop Inc

Nodak Electric Coop Inc

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