North America’s 4 best energy storage projects


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: By now you probably know I think every utility should be studying grid-scale storage seriously. You can click to our story that cites theoretical evidence that the sector is now at a tipping point.


But if you prefer practice to theory, then I suggest you read the release below, that names North America's top four projects. Then head over to the awards web site, where you can read not just about the four winners, but also about another eight semi-finalists. - By Jesse Berst


Innovative energy storage projects awards announced

Notrees, SCPPA, Santa Rita Jail, and Grid on Wheels honored as Most Innovative Energy Storage Projects in North America at ESNA Conference and Expo 2013


September 11, 2013, San Jose, CA â€" ESNA Conference and Expo 2013 â€" Energy Storage North America (ESNA) today announced the winners of the ESNA Innovation Awards at the ESNA Conference and Expo 2013, held this week at the San Jose Convention Center. Day two of this inaugural event, which attracted more than 650 attendees, speakers and exhibitors, concluded with an award ceremony honoring commercial achievement in utility scale, customer sited/behind the meter, and mobility applications. The winners of the ESNA Innovation Award are Notrees Wind Energy Storage, SCPPA Thermal Energy Storage Program, Santa Rita Jail Smart Grid, and Grid on Wheels. More information on the projects can be found at:


"The winners of the ESNA Innovation Award are symbolic of the commercial traction and opportunity that exists today in North America,” said Janice Lin, Managing Partner of Strategen Consulting and Co Founder of the California Energy Storage Alliance. "The award attracted an impressive range of projects, all of which make money by performing market services for the grid, such as frequency regulation, load shifting or spinning reserve. And regardless of geography, megawatt size or application, what’s quite clear is that energy storage is the economic key that unlocks the potential of renewables and solves the challenges of creating a dynamic and flexible grid.”


The 2013 ESNA Innovation Award winners were selected on four key criteria: services provided to the grid, financing options, ownership model and technology strengths. The winners are:

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