"No-touch” energy audits: easier than ever for customers to reduce electricity use



Quick Take:  It was just last week that I showed you more evidence that demand for electricity may DROP instead of grow. Now I'm back with news about "no-touch" energy audits that can (anecdotally) reduce a commercial or multi-family building's energy use by 10-20% immediately. And do so without the expense of sending someone to the property for an inspection. I first heard of these "remote-control" audits about five years ago and now they are starting to proliferate.


If you've got energy efficiency mandates and if you make a deal with a company - as ConEd did with Retroficiency as explained below - then maybe this is a good thing. But if independent companies go around you to perform these audits, then a) you don't get credit for the efficiency improvements but b) you sell less electricity and make less money. - Jesse Berst


Con Edison Deploys Retroficiency’s Energy Analytics to Drive Large-Scale Building Efficiency Savings

 Retroficiency to Remotely Assess Thousands of Buildings to Rapidly Identify Energy Efficiency Opportunities


Retroficiency, the building efficiency intelligence company for utilities and energy service providers, today announced that Con Edison is utilizing Retroficiency’s Virtual Energy Assessment solution across thousands of buildings in New York City. Virtual Energy Assessment’s rapid, no touch approach will enable Con Edison to target commercial and multi-family buildings with the greatest savings potential and engage customers with energy efficiency opportunities â€" ultimately driving deeper energy savings in less time and at a lower cost throughout its service territory.


"Con Edison is always looking for ways to meet and exceed our energy efficiency goals and load management objectives,” said Colin Smart, section manager, Commercial Customer Solutions, Con Edison. "Retroficiency’s analytics can help us identify commercial and multi-family properties that can benefit the most from our energy management programs. That will be good for our customers and good for the environment.”


Retroficiency will initially focus on enhancing Con Edison’s long-standing efforts to geo-target customers in the most constrained areas of its electric grid with energy efficiency solutions. Reducing peak load through efficiency upgrades will enable Con Edison to defer costly and potentially disruptive upgrades to its network, while concurrently helping customers save money on their energy bills. Retroficiency’s virtual assessments will prioritize buildings and efficiency measures that will reduce demand during network and system peak periods.

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