No one-size-fits-all smart grid for Manila Electric Co.


A story out of the Philippines, where GE is working with the Manila Electric Company (also referred to as MERALCO), reminds that "smart grid" means different things in different places - with different definitions and drivers.


In the case of MERALCO, the Manila Bulletin reports that GE is customizing the utility giant's smart grid infrastructure "to domestic taste" around a plan to integrate some systems intelligence into prepaid electric meters.


The Bulletin quotes Bartosz Wojszczyk, GE managing director for digital energy global growth and strategy, as saying there is no "one size fits all" smart grid solution. "Smart grid has different definitions and drivers per country, per region, per continent. In many places, it is done differently for each country."


GE is serving as the systems integrator for Manila's new advanced metering infrastructure integrated solution (AMIIS) project, designed to allow utility customers to more effectively manage their energy usage and expenses. MERALCO serves more than 5 million customers in the metropolitan Manila area.


GE's AMIIS package will include a prepaid energy management system from Orga Systems that provides features such as rating and billing functionality as well as a MDM system from Ecologic Analytics and as GE describes it, "integration of other associated systems to enable automated customer notifications via SMS, processing of prepaid energy top-ups as well as over-the-counter transactions and handling of voice calls, including for customer service requests."


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