NIST, IEEE Brief House Subcommittee on Progress in Smart Grid Standards


By: SGN Staff


During a  progress report to the House Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation, IEEE Fellow John McDonald told the lawmakers that ensuring stringent testing and certification and addressing cyber security and privacy of information are critical to successful implementation of the Smart Grid. McDonald, who also is director of technical strategy and policy development for GE's Digital Energy business, said: "Also crucial to this undertaking are developing system architecture and standards that provide the essential foundation for bringing together the electrical and communications infrastructure, and for evolving technology to meet many and disparate needs. Both the IEEE through its Standards Association and NIST have already shown tremendous progress in these areas." George Arnold, national Smart Grid coordinator for NIST, and representatives of other groups also testified.


Jesse Berst's Take: Unsung Heroes Department. We must have key standards in place for the Smart Grid to reach full interoperability and value. But if you know the history of standards development in other industries, then you know the roadblocks that can delay things for years. In areas such as consumer electronics, cable TV, digital media (and many others), standards have been shanghaied by corporate shenanigans or deadlocked for months by infighting. Luckily, the Smart Grid's federally mandated NIST standards process seems to be working, thanks in no small measure to Arnold and McDonald. Along with many other colleagues, they've kept the various factions at the table and working together. Here's a release detailing John's recent progress update to Congress. 



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