The Next 10 Years: 5 keys to smart grid success


By: SGN Staff


Editor's note:  SGN has been celebrating its 10th year with a look ahead at the smart grid. This is the eleventh and final installment of our The Next 10 Years series where industry insiders offer insights on smart grid issues and trends they expect to see in the coming decade. (The previous segments are linked at the end of today's story.) As always, we welcome your comments; please use the Talk Back form at the bottom of the page.


We're wrapping up the series with insights on what it's going to take for smart grid success with bullet points provided by Rob Wilhite, who is Global Director for Management and Operations Consulting at DNV KEMA.


·         Interoperability and cyber security

o    Need to ensure devices, once installed, perform as expected in a large network, and with potentially frequent, remote firmware updates

o    Concerns holding back some program investments today

o    NIST has done well to develop a smart grid standards framework, but we need increased focus on testing and validation now

o    Promised benefits to regulators will greatly rely on this validation


·         Incorporating customer-owned power generation and energy storage devices


o    Low natural gas prices are shaping increased interest in microgrids

o    Need to better understand the interplay of distributed generation/storage/demand response/building automation working together as a system and how to optimize


·         Data analytics and predictive modeling


o    Need to greatly increase the use of greater volumes of data flow that will improve future grid designs and capital investments, as well as improve efficiencies in operations and maintenance spending

o    Instrumental to create more information sharing on predictive models in demonstration projects.

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