New inverters make it more cost-effective to combine solar and storage



Quick Take:  As we have documented, battery technology is poised to drop in price. But that's not the only good news for the sector. Numerous companies large and small are working on battery management systems that are "chemistry agnostic." That is, they can manage and combine energy from a variety of different battery types, creating mix-and-match possibilities.


And here's another bit of progress -- inverters that improve the cost-efficiency of solar systems with energy storage. In essence, they intelligently balance grid power and battery power in a way that (the company claim)  is good for end users and for utilities. And yes, these systems are "chemistry agnostic," with specific charging profiles for lithium-ion, aqueous-ion, flow, fuel-cell, and other battery types. - Jesse Berst


OutBack Power Unveils GridZero Energy Balancing, Advanced Battery Charging to Maximize Solar Power Investments

Future-perfect technology in new Radian inverters helps installers meet evolving needs of solar power customers

OutBack Power Technologies, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power and mobile applications, today announced that three newly available additions to its Radian family of inverters will include GridZero energy balancing technology to ensure users get the most out of their solar power and energy storage investments, regardless of how incentives, utility policies and grid rates might shift.


The new Radians and a fourth existing Radian, all designed for global markets, now also feature Advanced Battery Charge profiles for compatibility with lithium-ion and other advanced battery chemistries coming into wider usage, as well as lead-acid. Together, OutBack Power Radian inverters’ GridZero and advanced battery charging capabilities eliminate buyer uncertainty caused by changes in energy policy and give buyers the confidence to invest in solar today with a "future-perfect” system.

The new Radians announced today include the GS8048A and GS4048A, 8-kilowatt and 4-kilowatt inverters designed for North, Central and Latin American markets, as well as the GS3548E, a 3.5 kilowatt inverter for Europe, Asia and other global markets, designed with GridZero and Advanced Battery Charge features.


These inverters represent future-perfect installation solutions for dynamic utility environments, including those in California, Hawaii and many other locations where governments are changing solar incentives or utilities are modifying buy-back policies of surplus renewably generated electricity. In these scenarios, GridZero functionality ensures that users can store renewably generated power for future use and prioritize consumption, effectively "zeroing-out the load on the grid” while using it when needed to meet surges and spikes in demand.

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