New company a step forward for EV charging interoperability


By: SGN Staff


A new EV charging company, Collaboratev, plans to open up the country's charging infrastructure to make it possible for drivers throughout the country to easily charge their vehicles at all charging stations operated by a network of affiliate companies.


ChargePoint and ECOtality formed the company to bring network interoperability to EV charging, exchange data and provide financial billing reconciliation services for charging networks. The new company also expects to encourage other charging network companies to sign on as affiliates, a move that will allow EV drivers for more charging opportunities.


"Interoperability for EV drivers is another milestone in the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, said Pat Romano, president and CEO of ChargePoint, Inc. Collaboratev will give EV drivers access to all stations, locations, availability and mapping features in the public domain." ECOtality CEO Ravi Brar commented that the development is a "clear sign of market maturation by establishing a seamless process for EV drivers to charge across networks."


ECOtality and ChargePoint plan to connect the ChargePoint and Blink networks to Collaboratev later this year.


Primary objectives include:

·         Give drivers easy access to participating stations with common authentication credentials

·         Provide one bill for all charging use

·         Accurately provide aggregated EV charging station location data

·         Utilize open national interoperability standards


John Gartner, research director at Pike Research, observed "The creation of a vendor agnostic payment processing and authentication system for EV charging would alleviate consumer concern of being tied to one charging network and would therefore make electric vehicles more attractive to mainstream vehicle buyers.


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