Murkowski unveils energy policy recommendations


Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski this morning shared a new vision for America's energy future, laying out 200 policy recommendations to drive the energy policy conversation through the rest of the decade.

The report, Energy 20/20: A Vision for America's Energy Future was a product of a year-long process by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. It is designed to help create energy supply that is abundant, affordable, clean, secure and diverse. These tenets are broken down into seven categories:

  • Producing more
  • consuming less
  • clean energy technology
  • energy delivery infrastructure
  • effective government
  • environmental responsibility
  • energy policy that pays for itself

Murkowski made the announcement before the National Association of Utility Regulatory Commissioners in Washington, D.C. And while she emphasized that the report is not a cheatsheet for a comprehensive energy bill, she maintained that a national conversation remains important.

"Energy is good," Murkowski told the audience of regulators. "Energy provides the basis for advanced civilization and improved standards of living."

She also stressed the need to balance energy policy with research and environmental benefits in a way that encourages energy supply.

"I'm confident that if we make the right choices today and accomplish these goals that we have detailed, we can secure a future in which energy and natural resources are affordable and abundant from secure and diverse sources -- and that we can continue to do so in a way that minimizes energy's impact on our enviornment," she said.

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