The most advanced grid in the world is... Ontario? Your chance to cash in


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: I applaud Ontario's ambitions as laid out in the release below. They are already ahead of most of the world in the audacity of their renewables goals. Now they are issuing grants to advance the state of the grid, with the goal of achieving best in class.


You can cash in by submitting a winning proposal, provided you have an office in Ontario, a partner in Ontario, or are willing to locate your project in Ontario. Energy storage and EV integration are among the topics where the Canadian province wants proposals. You can read more at the link below.


The news item got me wondering. If Ontario is seeking to become the world's best, who is in first place now? I suppose I could argue for Japan in terms of its reliability, but they've gotten there by "gold-plating" their traditional gear not by sophisticated modernization. (Although they're finally underway with a vengeance.) I suppose I could argue for China in terms of its high-voltage transmission and wide area management.


But what is currently the world's most advanced distribution network? San Diego Gas & Electric wins "utility of the year" awards with regularity. And it has more challenges than most - transmission constraints, high penetration of PV, challenging renewables mandates. Use the Talk Back form at the bottom to nominate the utility you think is at the top of the list.  - By Jesse Berst