More meter madness: Tea Party Texans accuse smart meters of spying


By: SGN Staff

Quick Take: The 1969 moonwalk was filmed in a hangar in Area 51. President Obama is a Muslim. Smart meters are a government plot to spy on citizens. You heard it here Berst.


Now, smart meter opponents want to pull the already-installed new meters out of a small Texas town. It’s going to be expensive. Do they really want to give back their stimulus money, too? - By Jesse Berst


Anti-smart meter organizers have gathered enough signatures to force a resolution onto a November election ballot that would end the use of smart meters in the Texas town of Fountain, according to the Gazette of Colorado Springs.


Since Fountain Utilities has nearly completed installation to all 16,500 customers, passage of the measure would cost an estimated $5.43 million. The town would have to rip out the meters, replace them with old-fashioned versions, hire a crew of meter readers, and return $2.1 million in federal stimulus money.

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