Microgrid market surges with growing interest from the military


By: SGN Staff


Microgrids are coming of age as SBI Energy's new market study illustrates: The world microgrid market reached $4 billion last year, helped along considerably by the U.S. military's continuing interest in secure and reliable energy sources. The SBI study, The World Market for Microgrids, notes that power outages hamper military readiness and security - and identifies military bases as a "unique opportunity" for marketers in the microgrid field.


The study also says that as microgrids become more popular with commercial, military and industrial sectors, implementation costs are coming down. For its part, the military's efforts to reduce its dependence on public electric grids at its bases - and the vulnerabilities outages create - have led to projects aimed at improved efficiency and security, and providing the versatility to separate from the primary electric grid at bases that aren't already islanded. SBI also notes that the military's implementation of microgrids will grow by 375% by 2020, and that electrical output from microgrid installations will grow about four times in the same time frame.


Quick Take: As we've said before, the military's strong interest in microgrids and other smart grid technologies and its concerns about the vulnerability of its operations sharply highlight the weaknesses of the current electric grid.


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