Michigan study: More renewables mean more jobs (lots of them)


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: More and more people are getting wise to the right way to sell smart energy to the public - - namely, link it to more jobs. The latest example comes from the supporters of a Michigan ballot measure to require 25% of energy to come from renewable sources by 2025. They are citing a new study from Michigan State University that claims passage of the bill would create $10 billion in new investments and lead to 74,000 new jobs. - By Jesse Berst


Passage of a ballot measure requiring 25% of Michigan's total energy resources to come from renewables by 2025 would create at least 74,000 new jobs and also would bring in more than $10 billion in investments, according to a study released by Michigan State University Friday.


The results were announced by supporters of the Michigan Energy Michigan Jobs renewable energy ballot proposal.


"This report illustrates the tremendous boost to Michigan's economy that a strong renewable energy standard will have," said Chris Kolb, president of the Michigan Environmental Council. The council commissioned the study. "It's a job creating machine," Kolb said, "with the added benefit of cleaner air, improved public health and healthier communities."