Meter madness spreads to Memphis (Big Brother is watching!)


By: SGN Staff


Quick Take: In the early days of the smart grid, protests against smart meters were largely confined to the coasts in hotspots of anti-utility sentiment. There the typical complaint was that the radiation from smart meters would cause health problems.

More recently, however, the protests have spread to more conservative parts of the U.S. There the dominant complaint seems to be a conspiracy theory that the government is using smart meters to know what you are doing inside your home, as this story from a Tennessee newspaper attests. - By Jesse Berst


Smart meter debate pushes toward vote later this month


Depending on who's doing the talking, they are called "smart meters" or "dumb meters."


They are digital utility meters that have the capability to wirelessly transmit usage information to a network and allow for utility companies to remotely turn power on and off. They are a welcome sign of coming progress to some in Memphis, and an evil sign of coming "communism" to others.

They've sparked debates all over the country, the words of which have been repeated by both sides of the issue here since the Memphis City Council began discussing a proposal earlier this year that would add more than 60,000 of the automated electric meters to homes and businesses.

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