Maine lawmakers introduce bill to kill smart meter opt-out fees


First there were smart meter opt-out fees. Now there's an effort underway in the Maine Legislature to opt out of opt-out fees. Three state representatives introduced a bill this week that would prevent Central Maine Power from charging customers who want to keep their analog meters.


According to a report in, one of the lawmakers who drafted the bill plans to introduce an amendment that would require customers to have their opt-out fees reimbursed.


"I so resent this," said State Rep. Roberta Beavers, who chose to keep her analog meter. "So many people would have opted out except for the charge."


CMP customers who choose to opt-out pay a one-time fee of $40 and $12 a month to keep their analog meters. A CMP spokesman told the paper that an estimated 8,400 customers, or 1.3%, have chosen to opt out.