Lighting upgrades save utility customers $3.5M annually


Central Hudson Gas & Electric and its customers are reaping the rewards of the utility's Business Lighting Upgrades program for Hudson Valley businesses.

New lighting options, including light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures and outdoor lighting, make it possible for small and mid-sized businesses, office buildings and other facilities to upgrade to more efficient lighting with little out-of-pocket expense, and customers may cover their portion of the investment with an extended payment plan for 24 months -- typically the time in which the investment pays for itself.

The program, implemented by Lime Energy, offsets project costs by up to 70 percent for small- and medium-sized businesses upgrading their lighting and wasting less energy. As a result of the upgrades, businesses can save up to 30 percent on their monthly energy bill.

Collectively to date, participants have lowered their electric bills by more than $3.5 million annually and are avoiding 20,314 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, realizing an estimated total annual savings of more than 38 million kilowatt-hours in electrical usage.

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