LG joins Pecan Street smart grid research project


LG Electronics is the latest company to join the Pecan Street Smart Grid Research project. LG joins the ranks of such companies as Dell, Intel, Sony, Oncor, OnStar and SunEdison who are already working with the project.

LG will primarily focus on the development of effective home energy management systems (HEMS) but the company's research of smart homes, energy management and consumer electronics will play a significant role. As part of the Pecan Street project, more than 450 volunteer homeowners are testing energy and consumer electronic products and services while their energy use is analyzed.

For its part, LG will install its advanced air conditioners, smart refrigerators, smart washing machines, LED lighting and HEMS in participating homes, providing a research platform for a new generation of appliances, air conditioners and HEMS in order to take the Pecan Street project from vision to reality.

In a Pecan Street home, residents will program their washers, dryers, hot water heaters, etc., to operate when renewable sources are available or energy rates are low. The technologies will talk to each other and the grid.

LG's smart grid technology is on display at Pecan Street's new $1.5 million smart grid research center, Pike Powers Laboratory.

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