LED retrofits: raising smart building efficiency, lowering costs


By: SGN Staff

As the building management industry faces increasing pressure to improve efficiency and manage costs, the smart building solutions market is developing the rollout of new integrated automation and energy management solutions to accommodate those needs. In a new report, IDC Energy Insights has identified lighting retrofits with LEDs as a key solution. The report explains the economics, savings and benefits - as well as the challenges - of the smart building LED solution.


The building management industry is moving toward the technological improvements and information technologies that will transform their facilities and, as the report notes, what smart building LED retrofits bring to the table are very  high-tech energy management capabilities in the form of controls, automation, and analytics and data management.


While most building management professionals are unlikely to have the background and knowledge to make wise decisions regarding technologies, programs and services, the report defines what their roles should be and what they need to know.


A few significant findings:

·         Decision makers need to understand the costs and benefits of smart building LED solutions against the commercially available alternatives

·         Decision makers also need to understand the maturity and capabilities of current LED solutions. Technology advances and improvements that cut costs and improve appearance and functionality are appearing regularly

·         There are three challenges that are holding LEDs back from widespread: consumers don't like the different color of the light; the electronics component cuts down fixture performance, and the number of LED chips needed to generate the same amount of light as alternatives is a cost factor

·         Technical innovations in those three areas will greatly affect adoption.


Overall, the IDC report says smart building solutions are growing in value as practical, sound investment opportunities, particularly as technical innovations improve LED solutions' performance and reduce costs

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